The high rigidity of the panel remains. Alucobond® Idea. Values apply to 4-side supported panels. ALUCORE® therefore provides the decisive advantage where very high demands are made on the material for applications such as façade cladding or roofing, e.g. Home; Products; Project; Applications; About us; Service; Contact us; Download; English Español العربية. The aluminium honeycomb core gives the composite panel a high rigidity and an extremely low weight. Alucobond® Material is available in a wide range of options and dimensions that can be tailored to your specific project. Cell size B: approx. The composite structure of ALUCORE® results in an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, even when comparing large panel sizes. Products . In contrast to conventional honeycomb composite panels, the system components of ALUCORE® are bonded in a continuous process. From full sheets in bulk to cut to size requirements and everything in between, our knowledgeable team will work to exceed your expectations. White THE CLASSIC AMONGST THE DISPLAY SHEETS. Planners, architects and designers appreciate ALUCORE® because it combines high mechanical properties, such as the tensile strength of the cover sheets, with outstanding processing and aesthetic features. Static calculation of elements-For static values, please see the Technical Data Sheets - For static tables, please ask for details. All anodized ALUCOBOND® PLUS composite panels have contact lines (about 25 mm width) on their short sides. A wide variety of alucobond panel size options are available to you, such as total solution for projects, others, and graphic design. 22/12/2016. For 3A Composites, effective, continuing environmental protection is a main priority. Each image must be less than 8MB in size in order for it to upload. Cell size B: 9,3 mm. ALUCOBOND® product range includes ALUCOBOND® PLUS, ALUCOBOND A2 and ALUCORE® aluminium composite materials manufactured by long-term partner, 3A Composites, Germany. Material Safety Data Sheet Alucobond Page 1 of 3 Revised 02/14/03 Section I Product Identification Manufacturer: Alcan Composites USA, Inc. 208 W. 5th Street, P.O. ALUCOBOND ® plus composite panels can be shaped using a very simple processing method. Alucobond is a quality aluminium composite sheet product which delivers a durable, reliable result. Despite its low weight, which makes ALUCORE® easy to transport and handle in the factory and on site, its rigidity and high strength make the panels keep their shape and remain flat, even when exposed to extreme temperature changes. The maximum sheet size without decor repetition is 1,500 mm x 5,000 mm. The Standard size alucobond sheet is also widely used within the signage industry as an alternative to heavier,more expensive substrates. Alucobond® is the original ACM (aluminum composite material) and is the preferred architectural cladding for façade and corporate identity applications. $0.20 - $0.60. Inspiration Planning Fabrication Installation. if exposed to extremely high wind load and for large self-supporting roofs. Due to manufacturing, a displacement of the cover sheets sidewise at the panel edges up to 2 mm is possible. Pick up available. Also known by the trade names of Alucobond, Hylite, Reynobond and Alupanel. In contrast to conventional honeycomb composite panels, the system components, i.e. Alucobond, known for its lightweight qualities, also has other desirable attributes such as a rainbow of consistent color and finish options, the ability to form textures or curves or the option to create modules. An aluminium facade system with a superior long-lasting finish, no cracking when fabricated. With regard to the surface finishing, high-quality lacquering systems with optimum resistance to weather and industrial pollution are used exclusively. Africa Americas Asia Pacific China Europe Middle East. Price does not include GST and shipping. EN DE FR ES IT RU PT PL TR. Quote for shipping. The continuous production process allows the production of large size panels up to lengths of 9 m, with superior flatness. Simply fill out the enquiry form below and we will provide a quote within 2 working days. My Alibaba. Alucobond Aluminium Sheets . ALUCORE® is the first lightweight panel that you, too, will absolutely insist as being: a bond for life. Be the first to review “larson® by Alucoil® 4mm PE SILVER METALLIC MISC SIZES LOT … In addition to its low weight and perfect flatness, ALUCORE® shows excellent weathering resistance. 2.acp panel sheet for sign and advertising board 4x8ft Aluminum composite panel alucobond sheet size for outdoor application. Thickness: ± 0,2 mm (mill-finish | stove lacquered | anodized) Width: – 0 / + 4 mm Lengths: 1000 – 4000 mm; – 0 / + 6 mm Lengths: 4001– 6800 mm; – 0 / + 10 mm * Exception: ALUCOBOND® naturAL Reflect is only available in ALUCOBOND® plus. PVDF finish. MENU MENU Sign In Join Free. ALUCORE® can be fully recycled with any other aluminium without prior separation or sorting (scrap value). Aluminum sheets of the upper and lower aluminum plates is not less than 0.30 mm, and the total thickness is not less than 4 mm. 2 mm is possible at the panel edges. to ISO 717-1, ISO 140-3), Termal conductivity (regarding total thickness, incl. 6.3 – 19 mm. * Exception: ALUCOBOND® naturAL Reflect is only available in ALUCOBOND® plus. For panel lengths of more than 3500 mm, the composite panels have contact lines (about 2-3 mm width) on their long sides. For many years now, there have been multiple thicknesses of ACM available: 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm. Structure H: total thickness d1: thickness of AL front sheet d2: thickness of Al back sheet . Alucobond, manufactured by 3A Composites, brings a superior metal panel image to any project. Order online or call +44 (0)1206 638056; About us; Faqs; Blog; Trade accounts; Samples; Contact us; Login or Register. Details / Accessories: Approx. The standard core consists of aluminium foils from AlMn alloys (EN AW 3003).Cell size B: 9,3 mm. en. We have access to almost any grade or brand of Aluminium Composite Panel on the market. Also in this field, 3A Composites endeavours to play a leading role. StructureH: total thicknessd1: thickness of AL front sheetd2: thickness of Al back sheet. Now we are starting to invest in a coated aluminum coils plant to meet the high requirement products demand. The cover sheets of the ALUCORE® panels consist of corrosion-resistant Peraluman alloys (AlMg1/5005A) and may be used in a decorative or functional way, depending on the purpose of application. Comparison of thickness and weight of panels with equal rigidity. … , Ltd which is one of the earliest manufacturers of color coated aluminum coils,aluminum honeycomb panels and aluminum composite panels. The cover sheets of the ALUCORE® panels consist of corrosion-resistant Peraluman alloys (AlMg1/5005A) and may be used in a decorative or … Country/Region: China. Maximum panel length 6500 mm. Aluminum Composite Panel Alucobond Sheet * Size: 1220x2440mm other sizes available * Thickness: 3mm ,0.21mm Aluminum Skin Gloss white/black 65 GST Matte white/Black 60 GST Other colours please contact us for quote. All Rights Resered. ALUCOBOND® for rear-ventilated façades unites the features of energy-efficient construction, economic viability and architectural quality. A V-shaped or rectangular groove is routed on the reverse side of the ALUCOBOND ® plus composite panel using a disk or end milling cutter. Alucoworld is high quality ACM panel supplier;Alucoworld supply OEM Brand Free.Alucoworld is chinese Top 5 ACP Sheet Producer. ALUCOBOND® legno offers excellent print quality (direct-to-substrate digital printing) with a particularly wide range of colours and large depth of colour. Solid Mesh Men's Socks Invisible Ankle Socks Men Summer Breathable Thin Boat Socks Size. The cover sheets of the ALUCORE® panels consist of corrosion-resistant Peraluman alloys (AlMg1/5005A) and may be used in a decorative or functional way, depending on the purpose of application. Class B-s1, d0 (ALUCORE®)Class A2-s1, d0 (ALUCORE® A2), 6 mm, 10 mm, 10.5 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, Airborne sound insulation index (acc. Greater Dandenong Dandenong. Buy sheets online cut to size. Main Products: Aluminum Composite Panel,Aluminum Coil,Aluminum Sheet,Aluminum Core Composite Panel. Location: Northern Territory : 38 Toupein rd Palmerston, NT (871794-52) GST Note: GST will be added to the final bid price of this item. Embedded in our high-quality ALUCOBOND® coil coating, ALUCOBOND® vintage offers very durable and UV-stable design surfaces for outdoor use on façades. Widest range of thicknesses and sheet sizes Fire behavior according to: > DIN EN 13501-1: C - s3, d0 (1 - 19 mm) > BS 476-7, Class 1 (3 - 19 mm) Special sheet sizes on request COLOUR The given measurements are standard dimensions, ex works. ALUCOBOND® 4 mm The graphs for 3 mm and 4 mm thick ALUCOBOND® indicate the maximum permissible panel length (σ = 53 N/mm²) (without having to add a stiffener) based in applicable design wind load and panel width. Due to its composite structure, ALUCORE® can take on many different shapes. The composite structure meant that the sheets could retain flatness while being produced in very large sizes. ALUCOBOND® Products. It is the combination of formability, flatness, stability and weather resistance that characterizes this material. The company considers natural resources to be a basic asset to be preserved, in order to ensure forthcoming generations a future worth living.The company commits itself to continuous own improvements in environmental protection, which by far exceed existing regulations. Due to manufacturing, a displacement of the cover sheets sidewise at the panel edges up to 2 mm is possible. Available in a range of colours and sheet sizes this brand of ACM can offer a 10 year guarantee against colour fade and chalking. If you require a specific product not listed on our website and wish to order by the full sheet, please email or phone our sales team on 01752 917434. 12mm acp 4x8 aluminum sheet precio de alucobond philippines. for folding and bending, Smooth handling on the site, even with large size panels, Short construction times, adherence to schedules, low cost, Excellent weather resistance and long-term properties. Europe. ALUCOBOND ® A2, just like all the products of the ALUCOBOND ® family, allows simple processing, is impact-resistant, breakproof and weatherproof and, above all, non-combustible. ALUCORE® is an aluminium composite panel consisting of two cover sheets and a honeycomb core of aluminium. The technique, called the routing and folding method, enables a fabricator to produce shapes of various kinds and sizes. the “aluminium core” and the coil-coated “aluminium cover sheets” are bonded in a continuous process. The material does not become brittle-hard but shows tough and resilient properties and excellent peel strength – the basis for a high product quality. It is almost like a different skin wrapping the building structure. Typically used for building cladding applications alucobond can be machined into a variety of shapes. Embedded in our high-quality ALUCOBOND® coil coating, ALUCOBOND® legno offers very durable and UV-stable design surfaces for outdoor use on façades. ALUCOBOND is a registered trademar of 3A Composites USA Inc. 2020 3A Composites USA. Aluminium composite panels, also known as Dibond® or Alupanel, is a lightweight yet rigid sheet material suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 20 Years Professional Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer. Clean, easily fabricated with perfect details, a great variety of applications is possible with the use of ordinary tools. Sheet Sizes 62"x155", 50"x155", 50"x125" Reviews There are no reviews yet. size 4000mm x 1580mm, Special Notes: Inspection recommended . ALUCOBOND® PLUS is the original and most widely recognised aluminium composite material in the world. Its particular characteristics make ALUCORE® the ideal choice not only for outdoor applications such as façade cladding, roofing, balconies, shelters, etc., but also for interior design like artistic ceilings, or for applications in transport and industry. ALUCOBOND® design offers excellent print quality (direct-to-substrate digital printing) with a particularly wide range of colours and large depth of colour. Its perfect formability does not affect its stability and flatness. Special sheet sizes upon request, sheets cut to size can be obtained from your distributor. THICKNESS CODE STANDARDS UNIT 3MM 4MM 6MM; Thickness of Aluminium Layers [mm] 0.5: 0.5: Weight [kg/m²] 5.9: 7.6: Width [mm] 1250 / 1500: 1250 / 1500: TECHNICAL PROPERTIES CODE … Total Revenue: US$5 Million - US$10 Million . Technical Data Sheet . High quality marine grade aluminium. 10 Pairs (MOQ) medical grade disposable face mask full face mask. Printing at additional. Price list. Following in the footsteps of the world-wide established ALUCOBOND® trademark, ALUCORE® is also a composite material for a variety of applications in transport and industry or architecture, showing excellent product properties such as extraordinary flatness, large variety of colours and high formability. Cell size B: 9,3 mm. Home > Service > Price list There are more than 90 colors to choose. Tags: … Values for other systems on request. Top 3 Markets: Western Europe 20%, South America 20%, Southeast Asia 15%. ABN 75 104 808 853 Finish Dependant - Standard = 30 - 40% HB - F ALUCOBOND TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Rm => 130 Rp0.2 => 90 A50 = > 5 2.4mm/m at 1000 C temperature difference H22 / H42 70,000 EN AW 5005A (AIMg1) Alucobond Type Alucobond Plus Alucobond A2 0.05 70% Mineral Filling 93% Mineral Filling Please take this into consideration when dimensioning the panels. Name*: Email address*: Telephone number*: Thickness: Enquiry*: Upload files (Optional). The cover sheets of the ALUCORE® panels consist of corrosion-resistant Peraluman alloys (AlMg) and may be used in a decorative or functional way, depending on the purpose of application Item condition is `Used`, please refer to Sale Terms tab for definition. Box 507 Benton, KY 42025 (270) 527-4200 Emergency Phone Number: 1-800-424-9300 Chemtrec To be used only in the event of chemical emergencies involving a spill, leak, fire, and exposure accidents involving chemicals. MondoClad® offers custom colours and sheet sizes, including oversized aluminium cladding sheets ensuring your design is achieved. ALUCOBOND PLUS Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) shall be 3mm/4mm/6mm thick and consist of 2 layers of 0.5mm thick aluminium sandwiching a mineral filled fire-resistant core containing 70% non-combustible mineral filling. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION TECHNICAL SUMMARY As the original “aluminum composite material,” ALUCOBOND PLUS consists of two sheets of smooth .020” aluminum thermo-bonded to a solid, fire retardant core and has been developed exclusively to allow architects and designers to meet … TECHNICAL DATA SHEETS 37 ALUCOBOND ... sheets of max. Product Properties The 3mm thick panel has been used almost exclusively … MondoClad® solid alumnium panels offer high colour retention and will not oxidise over time. 1220x2440mm Aluminium … Buy alucobond sheet sizes and find similar products on 15-year warranty . The superb properties of this material boost one’s inspiration and offer architects a wide range of … Aluminum materials generally use aluminum alloy sheets of 3000, 5000 series, and the coating should be coated with fluorocarbon resin. L uckybond aluminum composite panel consists of two sheets of smooth 0.5mm nominal aluminum thermobonded to a polyethylene core in a continuous process. The advantages are product quality and surface evenness; the material does not become brittle-hard but shows tough and resilient properties and an excellent peel strength. 1,768 alucobond panel size products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which aluminum composite panels accounts for 49%, curtain walls accounts for 1%, and aluminum sheets accounts for 1%. cover sheets), Large variety of colours and perfect flatness, Unlimited planning and design due to high formability, Vibration-damping, therefore no additional sound-damping needed, Simple processing using conventional tools, e.g. $0.108 - $0.11.

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