Some nations also have considerable areas designated as private parks, game reserves , forest reserves , marine reserves , national reserves and natural parks . Physical map of Cameroon showing major cities, terrain, national parks, rivers, and surrounding countries with international borders and outline maps. It presents a fascinating, diverse and astonishing landscape, ideal for hiking tours. Find a National Parks vacation in Cameroon. Nki – 309,362 hectares. Top Cameroon National Parks: See reviews and photos of national parks in Cameroon, Africa on Tripadvisor. - The Waza Park (170,000 ha) (lion, giraffe, elephant, waterbuck, ostrich, topi, leopard, waterbuck, etc ...). The Waza National Park is Cameroon’s biggest game reserve, a 170,000 hectares or 1700 km2 large biosphere province Extreme-Nord in Kamerun. Cameroon contains various national parks spread throughout the country.The Waza National Park covers an area of 170,000 hectares and includes lions, giraffes, elephants, cobs, ostriches, sassabies (antelopes), leopards, waterbuck, etc.It is the most famous park in Cameroon and one of the most spectacular in French-speaking Africa. Benoue River meanders more than 100km into the forest and forming an eastern border to the park. List of National Parks in Cameroon. Where can we see the gorillas? Boumba-Bek – 238,255 hectares. A Biosphere Reserve is one initiated by UNESCO model region, to be implemented by way of example in dernachhaltige development in ecological, economic and social terms (world network of biosphere Reserves) .The program Man and the biosphere (Man and … World National Parks For Information On The National Parks Of The World And Their Wildlife. For day visitors, please avoid busy parks between 11am and 2pm on weekends and during school holidays to avoid congestion. By continuing you agree to our use of cookies. the best parks and a wildlife summary per park! In Nature of Cameroon you can find links to nature related websites, like on birding, birdwatching, general ornithology, nature, nature conservation, national parks, protected areas, nature reserves, etc. Protect the Campo Ma’an national park and stop Cameroun Vert SARL (Camvert) from destroying Indigenious Bagyeli people’s and ancestral lands! Located 180 miles north of Maroua, Waza National Park is the most amazing and spectacular wildlife reserve in Cameroon. Cameroon’s national parks are vast and the dedicated wildlife authorities and staff on the ground oftentimes lack adequate financial support and resources to carry out effective management and anti-poaching efforts. The western slope of Mount Cameroon National Park is between the … Provided below is a list of national parks. Visit Cameroon, take a National Parks vacation to Cameroon, and enjoy a National Parks trip in Cameroon. It covers 1800 square kilometers and is a designated UNESCO Bio-sphere reserve on the banks of Benoue River from which it gets its name. Korup National Park is located on the southwest border of Cameroon and Nigeria. Yellowstone National Park was created in 1872 by the United States and was the world’s first national park. National Parks of Cameroon provides a list of all the the national parks, nature reserves and other protected areas of Cameroon. By browsing through this site you agree to our use of cookies. In many parts of Africa it is said the tourists outnumber the animals. This list include … Continue reading → Hi guys, any tips for national parks in Cameroon and Gabon? WWF Jengi Southeast Forests Program covers a surface area of more than 2.7 million hectares. Other articles where Waza National Park is discussed: Cameroon: Plant and animal life: Waza National Park in the north, which was originally created for the protection of elephants, giraffes, and antelope, abounds in both forest and savanna animals, including monkeys, baboons, lions, leopards, and birds that range from white and gray pelicans to spotted waders. Top Cameroon National Parks: See reviews and photos of national parks in Cameroon, Africa on Tripadvisor. Korup national park has drawn lots of interest indecent years and much scientific research is carried on there. NATIONAL PARKS. National parks can be found in a large majority of African countries, being most numerous in Gabon, Kenya and Tanzania. WCS Cameroon Biodiversity Programm. Protected areas in Cameroon today cover 18.75% of the national territory (an area of about 8,900,000 ha) and can be broken down into several categories: national parks (16), wildlife sanctuaries (4), wildlife reserves (6), zoological gardens (3), hunting zones (46), and community hunting zones (22) (; p. 19). Complete list + detailed map of the major game reserves and national parks in Mozambique. TouristLink members rank Campo Ma'an National Park, Waza National Park and Dja Faunal Reserve as the top national parks in Cameroon. Media in category "National parks of Cameroon" The following 2 files are in this category, out of 2 total. It comprises three national parks: Lobeke- 217,854 hectares. *FREE* shipping on eligible orders. National Park System 2017 visitation highlights include: More than 1.44 billion recreation hours in 2017, an increase of 19 million hours over 2016; Most – 385 of 417 parks in the National Park System – count park visitors; 61 of the 385 reporting parks set new visitation records (about 16 percent of reporting parks) Benoue National park. Which ones are the best? Cameroon national parks are open year-round, without Waza national park being the exception and open from 15 November to 15 June. Lion. Our solutions to protecting Cameroon's unique biodiversity: TouristLink also has a map of all the national parks in Africa as well as detailed maps showing national parks in … More than 28 communities call the Campo Ma’an area home. Check park alerts and visit COVID-19 updates for more information before visiting any park. It is one of the furthest western parts of Cameroon. Apart from the national parks, Cameroon also owns a large number of reserves hosting and protecting all the finest of African fauna: Pangar-Djerem, Dja, Campo, Kimbi, Mbi Crater, Douala, Edea, Lobeke lake, Ossa lake, Santchou and Bafia. National Parks of Cameroon [LLC, Books] on Not so in Cameroon, where visitors are limited, and the parks are pristine. We don't have that much time (cca 3… Three National Parks of Southeast Cameroon. Cameroon has a number of national parks created with the intention of protecting wildlife and flora. National Parks in Cameroon. is the most famous park in the country and one of the most spectacular of Francophone Africa. Faro National Park in Cameroon. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Cameroon has more than 10 National Parks and other 8 nature reserves that serve to protect and conserve the wealth of Mother Nature in this densely forest central Africa habitat. I am currently working my way through the national parks of the world. It is one of 10 national parks found within the country reflecting a commitment by Cameroon to protect its … We don't have that much time (cca 3… Waza Safari Camp A full page Google map showing the exact location of 9 national parks in Cameroon. READ MORE. The Cameroon has nine national parks spread across the country. Benoue National park is located in the northern region of Cameroon. I will update this page with more information in the future (see Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park in Scotland as an example) You can check on my progress by clicking the Stats Link above to see my “Completed” National Parks.. Solutions. Key facts about Cameroon. Where can we see the gorillas? Mount Cameroon is an active volcano with numerous craters, crater lakes, caves, lava flows and ash fields. WCS Cameroon has been the government's principle conservation partner in managing wildlife and its habitat in national parks, and reserves. Some of the most popular national parks include Waza National park, Korup National Park, Benoue National park and Lobeke National park which is particularly famous for the western lowland gorillas of central Africa. Australia created the Royal National Park seven years later. To keep visitors safe ALL camping in NSW national parks now requires a booking. Canada was also a pioneer in establishing national parks. Top Cameroon Parks & Nature Attractions: See reviews and photos of parks, gardens & other nature attractions in Cameroon on Tripadvisor. These parks are found within same ecosystem and overlooking each other. View about National Parks in Yaoundé, Cameroon on Facebook. Which ones are the best? Top Cameroon National Parks: See reviews and photos of national parks in Cameroon, Africa on Tripadvisor. Dja and Campo reserves … Where: Northern Cameroon, Central-West Africa Nature: Elephants, giraffes, gazelles, hyenas and lions Safari tips: Bring your own 4WD and it’s compulsory to hire a guide, who will help you get a safe viewing spot to observe big game Where It’s At. The government committed in the MoU to facilitate Baka access to resources use zones within Lobeke, Boumba-Bek and Nki national parks. Hi guys, any tips for national parks in Cameroon and Gabon? Total 1 National Parks found. A-Z list incl. National Parks of Cameroon Find information on national parks in Cameroon as well as 479 national parks in Africa, 3984 national parks in the World. BSB YAMOUSSA Transboundary Landscape. Nature Facts. In 1885, Banff National Park became Canada’s first national park. Click on the place name for more details. The park covers an area of 490 square miles (1,260 sq km).