A mountain lion exhibited behavior considered "anything but normal" when it attacked and killed a 100-pound German Shepherd before standing its ground when the dog… Here's how to tell the difference between the tracks of a mountain lion and a very large dog. I mostly run Walker hounds. If you are interested, I found a great article online that goes into more depth about the difference between cat and dog tracks: Canine vs. So you're out for a hike and see a track in the snow, a big track. Dog heel pads tend to be fairly small (about the size of 3 of their toes) while … Thursday, January 23, 2020. Whether you call it a cougar or a mountain lion, they’re one in the same. Comparison of mountain lion and dog tracks. Mountain Lion tracking and signs Tracks. Being a big dog fan, I have to admit that no dog breed alone can kill a lion. More Mountain Lion Track Info. The mountain lion has the largest tracks of any feline in the United States. How do you tell? I have had Plott and blue tick hounds. If both top toes are level, it’s a dog. Look for 4-toes on each foot, claws that usually (but not always) show, and a triangular shaped heel pad. Mountain Lion tracks are asymmetrical. Mountain lion, bobcat, coyote, and dog tracks – front vs. back Published July 2, 2019 at × in How to identify Mountain Lion tracks and signs. You can also tell them apart from dog tracks by looking at the top toe. Claw marks generally absent. Dog tracks are often misidentified as mountain lions. I like them because they’ll generally run faster than black and tans, they have really good noses, they typically have good dispositions, and they’re easy to handle. Large dog tracks can easily surpass the largest cougar tracks. After quite a scare, the photos of the tracks she posted turned out to be those of a very large dog. There is a big difference between cat tracks and dog tracks and here are some tips. Some small populations have also started to make their way east of the Mississippi River. You are here: Home 1 / Uncategorized 2 / mountain lion vs dog tracks. The two Plotts I had did really well, but I am just partial to Walker dogs. Here is a picture from internet just to remind, how big is the lion. Just comparing the sizes, the lion can weigh up to 190 kg. You wonder if it might be a mountain lion track. Kill Evidence. Feline . It can be found roaming from the U.S. Canadian border, south to California and Texas. Advertisements Is it a right or a left? Metacarpal pad: The metacarpal pad in dog tracks is triangular shaped and fills a much smaller portion of the overall track than in cougar tracks. Mountain Lion vs. Canine Tracks. Factors to Identify. . I’m often asked about dog breeds for mountain lion hunting. A mountain lion’s hind foot steps in his front track, creating overlapping patterns too. Cougars (mountain lions) have been spotted all … Mountain Lion Reporting Page. Mountain lions—They generally kill their prey quickly and efficiently.They creep close, then rush quickly to hit the animal and bite it either in the back of the neck to sever the spinal column, the throat to … Check out this short video for some tips. Thursday, January 23, 2020. We can use this similarity to interpret whether a track is a left or a right. An 11 year old student of ours identified it. If one toe is in front of the others, it’s a cat. There are exceptions but that’s a good general rule. Their paws are arranged just like our hands! Domestic Dog.