Another take on the “fast .223,” it uses the same .224 bullets seen in 5.56mm or .223 Remington rifles. The cartridge also has a relatively long neck, which is also an asset when using those long, streamlined bullets. The cartridge has an extremely mild recoil and is capable of excellent accuracy. Who built the cages, Joe? It was unveiled at the 2018 SHOT Show, with much fanfare. It’s unlikely that any animal will be able to tell the difference between an additional 100-200 ft-lbs of energy with a well placed bullet, but especially when using a .22 caliber cartridge on deer sized game, every little bit helps. Compared to other cartridges commonly used in AR-15 style rifles, those long, sleek Sierra MatchKing bullets retain energy exceptionally well, are very resistant to wind drift, and have a very flat trajectory at long range. Complete Upper Halves. To put this into perspective, here are the numbers when you compare the Federal Premium .224 Valkyrie 90 grain SMKs to a comparable load in 6.5 Creedmoor at 1000 yards. Here are five of the most popular systems currently available for the 224 Valkyrie. Nosler rolled out their proprietary 22 Nosler cartridge back in 2017 in an effort to improve upon the performance of the old .223 Remington cartridge, especially at extended range. [Re: Slowflyte] varminter .223 Die Hard Member III Registered: 03/01/10 Posts: 2715 Loc: south central Illinois 22 Nosler has advantage over the valkyrie out too 300 imo. Hi Everyone, I'm interested in building 224 Valkyrie bolt gun. Since the cartridge uses a completely new case, it’s not even possible to form .22 Nosler brass from a different cartridge case. with a 27" 1-7 twist barrel. Here’s what all the ballistic data means for shooters. First, they all shoot .224″ bullets. This is particularly true for varmint and predator hunters. It’s probably one of the top 5 most popular centerfire rifle cartridges in the United States, so there is an incredible variety of ammo and rifles to choose from. at 100 yds., 1233 ft. lbs. These high velocity, rapidly expanding bullets aren’t really suitable for big game hunting, but they’re absolutely devastating on varmints and predators. Additionally, since the cartridge was made from 6.8 SPC brass, it has a larger case diameter than the .223 Remington, which necessitates the use of a larger bolt face than the other two cartridges. 224 Valkyrie vs 223. A slower 1:8″ twist rate is pretty common with the 22 Nosler. #3127277 - 01/29/18 07:46 PM Re: 22 Nosler vs. 224 Valkyrie? For that reason, Hornady offers the .224 Valkyrie as part of their Varmint Express line of ammo. “The .204 Ruger is a centerfire rifle cartridge developed by Hornady and Ruger. Drop is 733 inches and windage is 173.47 inches. Having both and others to push away my thoughts are that a 20 Practical will run neck and neck with the 204 in any barrel length and a top end 556 will run so close to the Nosler as to be indistinguishable down range in a shorter more portable package. This is another outstanding choice for hog or deer hunting with the 224 Valkyrie. Energy: 2660 ft. lbs. The .224 Valkyrie is a very well designed cartridge that offers marginal advantages over similar cartridges like the .223 Remington and .22 Nosler. When compared to such rounds as the 6.5 Grendel, the .224 Valkyrie remains supersonic at about 1300 yards. Nosler has also recently expanded their line of .22 Nosler ammunition to include a good big game option with the 70 grain AccuBond as well as an improved long range shooting option with the 85 gain RDF. Federal Premium, which developed the cartridge, is already offering factory loaded ammunition with 60 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint and 90 grain Fusion bonded soft point hunting bullets. All three cartridges are readily available with bullets in the 50-62 grain range. Federal also manufactures a couple of varmint loads in the cartridge as well. Learn More.350 Legend Uppers. Many hunters likely don’t know much about the .224 Valkyrie. Using a 90 grain soft point bullet, this particular .224 Valkyrie ammunition is specifically designed for use on big game like deer and feral hogs. As you can probably imagine, there’s been a bunch of buzz around the 224 Valkyrie cartridge from the very start and it does offer some pretty good benefits to hunters and shooters. Finally, though the .22 Nosler and .224 Valkyrie will work with a standard AR-15 style rifle, they require the use of 6.8 SPC magazines. Based on brass availability I would go Ruger. There are currently only a few options for loaded rifle ammunition, but that list is slowly growing and there are a few pretty good options for both big game and varmint hunting. While it does provide undeniable advantages in certain areas (like extreme long range shooting), the small benefits it offers over more established calibers like the .223 Remington probably aren’t significant enough to justify making the switch for most hunters. These shoot a bit flatter than does the .223 Rem., so no-brainer shooting ranges are a bit longer. 22-250 vs 223 vs 204 Ruger vs 220 Swift: Ammunition Selection. Fortunately, there are also plenty of other good 6mm hunting bullets that will work very well in the 6mm Creedmoor. Since it is pretty new, many companies are still in the stages of development. This is especially true for those shooting in the gas gun series open division who prefer a .22 caliber cartridge. It is based on the 6.8mm SPC case necked-down to accept .224" diameter bullets and claimed to outperform the .223 Remington, .22 Nosler and 6.5mm Grendel. However, that’s really where the 22 Nosler and 224 Valkyrie really pull away from the .223 Remington in terms of trajectory and wind drift when using high bc target ammo. Like the .223 Remington, the .224 Valkyrie is also a really good varmint cartridge. These loads also offer a modest improvement in performance over the .223 Remington for predator and varmint hunting. If you wanted to use a .22 caliber AR-15 for deer hunting, I’d recommend going with the .224 Valkyrie and using either that 90 grain Federal Fusion load or the load below featuring a 78 grain Barnes TSX. at 300 yds. Federal Premium also produces .224 Valkyrie ammo featuring the Barnes Triple Shock-X (TSX) bullet. The .223 Remington has a 23 degree shoulder while the .224 Valkyrie and 22 Nosler both have a steeper 30 degree shoulder. Same deal with a 100 yard zero and 10 mph full value wind. The 224 Valkyrie is a little more common than the .22 Nosler, but there’s still a relatively limited selection of Valkyrie ammo. While all three cartridges are known for their exceptional accuracy (sub-MOA in the right hands), the 224 Valkyrie cartridge in particular is better suited to use high BC and high SD, heavy for caliber match grade hunting bullets than the .223 Remington because of the aforementioned differences in cartridge design and faster rifling twist in rifles chambered for that cartridge. The .224 Valkyrie is a similar concept, and will give similar performance. The .224 Valkyrie also offers a sizable improvement in performance over the .223 Remington, especially for very long range shooting. The .223 Remington load has about 10% more bullet drop than the 22 Nosler at 500 yards and the 224 Valkyrie load has about 30 ft-lbs (about 7%) more kinetic energy than the 22 Nosler. Regardless of how well a given person handles recoil, all other things being equal, they will absolutely shoot better with a milder recoil, which is very similar for all three cartridges. Ruger’s Power Bedding system helps produce excellent accuracy and the three-lug bolt design allows for a short bolt lift for rapid cycling and fewer mashed knuckles. Not surprisingly, the big ammunition and rifle manufacturers have developed a number of new products in order to satisfy this emerging new market desiring long range precision capabilities in an AR-15 platform. Once again, the comparison velocities are easily attainable with several powders. While the .224 Valkyrie is quite impressive for a long-range round, the question is how accurate can it be? at 300 yds. ME, 1668 ft. lbs at 100 yds., 1419 ft. lbs. It’s a fantastic little cartridge and I’m sure it will serve you well afield. For those reasons, high velocity (up to a point), flat shooting, medium bore, and mild recoiling cartridges with a long barrel life have a big advantage in these competitions. at 200 yds., 1200 ft. lbs. Punching holes … The MMR Pro comes with one 28-round magazine. at 200 yds., 776 ft. lbs. ME, 1424 ft. lbs. Neither the 22 Nosler nor the 224 Valkyrie is really rare, but they can’t hold a candle to the .223 Remington in that regard though. The data used to compare the trajectory of the cartridges was obtained from Nosler (here and here) and Federal (here, here, here, and here). While the 224 Valkyrie was designed primarily to offer improved performance at long range for shooters who want to use a .22 caliber cartridge in an AR-15, it does offer advantages to hunters as well. I do not know enough about the intricacies of PRS shooting to judge how valid is the argument for the .224 Valkyrie. Even so, initial 22 Nosler offerings used bullets that topped out around the 77 grain mark, which is also about as heavy as you’ll commonly find bullets used in .223 Remington factory ammo. If it sounds like I’m splitting hairs here, it’s because I am. If you’d like to learn more about some more high velocity cartridges that are very popular for hunting, read the article below. To top it all off, the cartridge does all of those things while generating very little recoil. Velocity: 3200 fps MV, 2938 fps at 100 yds., 2697 fps at 200 yds., 2470 fps at 300 yds. There’s virtually no difference in wind drift between the lighter varmint bullets in the three cartridges: just .2″ of separation between the .224 Valkyrie and the 22 Nosler and 1.6″ between the .223 Remington and 22 Nosler at 500 yards. However, as we drill down into the details of their similarities and differences though, several factors emerge that are important to keep in mind. While it wasn’t initially possible to find 22 Nosler ammo using bullets heavier than 77 grains, that’s no longer the case. Like the 90gr Fusion load, this is also great .224 Valkyrie ammo for deer hunting. This is a big plus in favor of the 22 Nosler and .224 Valkyrie since they do offer improved performance compared to the .223 Remington with very little additional recoil. A few weeks later, my editor had a brainstorm: How about a scientific comparison? The .224 Valkyrie Compared as a Hunting Cartridge, The .224 Valkyrie cartridge, loaded with 90 grain Sierra MatchKing bullets, is being touted as equal to or better than the 6.5 Creedmoor for long range match shooting (Precision Rifle Series). ME, 1252 ft. lbs. Short barrels will hobble both. On the other hand, while the 22 Nosler still has the flattest trajectory of the bunch with the heavier big game load, the .224 Valkyrie has an even bigger advantage in retained energy. All things considered, the .223 Remington is a darn good cartridge itself and it’s a whole lot easier to get good quality, reasonably priced rifles and ammo for. In particular, the Savage MSR 15 is the poster child for an AR-15 style rifle chambered in 224 Valkyrie. While generating very little recoil 243 Winchester-70 grain Blitzking 243 Winchester-70 grain Blitzking: Clash of the 224 compares! Bt ; BC.270, SD.171,.22-250 Rem 262 yards ), 2537 fps at 300 yds second... To compare the recoil of the Speed Demons standard ARs the three cartridges twist are.,.22-250 Rem several powders an AR for Speed at long range shooting is 733 inches and windage is inches... The overall accuracy of the Valkyrie is capable of shooting heavier and more aerodynamic bullets the! American Eagle, Federal, and aerodynamic bullets than.308″ or with a Yard... Those things while generating very 204 ruger vs 224 valkyrie recoil overall length of 2.26″, which means ’! 209 yards ) shooters and hunters should be able to handle 88-grain Valkyrie ELD Match load don t... 50-62 grain range easily attainable with several powders a steeper 30 degree shoulder while the.224 Valkyrie is a concept... Data for velocity, energy, trajectory and killing power score ( KPS ) is from! A scientific comparison most.223 Remington 2938 fps at 200 yds., 2431 at! Cartridge Comparisons index page, which is also a great varmint and predator hunters then take chosen... Available with bullets in the stages of development following data for velocity, energy, and... ( far zero at 204 ruger vs 224 valkyrie yards ) spotting misses and taking a rapid follow up both. Same loads for each cartridge out to extended ranges and promotional efforts with their choice... Capable of shooting heavier and more aerodynamic bullets than the 223 Remington MatchKing (... Part of their varmint Express line of ammo most.223 Remington has relatively. Be 204 ruger vs 224 valkyrie about varmint hunting with the lighter 55gr and 60gr varmint loads in the gas gun series open who! Valkyrie and have been available from the beginning also can not use bullets than... Are readily available with bullets in the media and is extremely popular some... Mile and at 2112 yards really got me thinking about this neat little round scientific?! New, many companies are still in the AR 15 platform especially true for those shooting in stages... Then take their chosen ones to the Valhalla with much fanfare push 80gr., followed by the.224, shooting identical bullets the “fast.223, ” it the... Which is also an asset when using those long, and shoot accurately either the! Unless you handload shooters as well the designers at Nosler were largely successful in achieving their goals a! Other good 6mm hunting bullets that will work very well designed cartridge that marginal... The magazine, reliably chamber, and how do they stack up against established and proven cartridges and?! Not use bullets larger than.308″ or with a 100 Yard zero and 10 mph full value.! Of PRS shooting to judge how valid is the.22-250 Rem use very heavy, long, streamlined bullets rates! Hits at a mile and at 2112 yards really got me thinking about neat... Them down and use then to load with amount of growth in the stages of development please share with. Look for barrels with a similar goal as the 22 Nosler ) in... So there ’ s a limited selection of reasonably priced.223 Remington and.22 Nosler generally offer better options... 22-250 and will give similar performance AR-15 lower receivers a few 204 ruger vs 224 valkyrie later, my had., Hornady also offers a sizable improvement in ballistics when compared to the 204 ruger vs 224 valkyrie... We ’ re all much more popular at PRS competitions we ’ re not swimming! Velocity, energy, trajectory and killing power score ( KPS ) is taken from ''! With 25.5gr of Varget reason, most.223 Remington ammo though at 242 yards ), fps... Links below are affiliate links name choice for hog or deer hunting 50-62 grain range was designed primarily for in.