Some say it's "reinventing the tube jig". White bass are fair on chrome or white slabs in 25-35’ near lake … And not a single lake trout in the North Country can pull the minnow off your spoon without getting hooked. It features a unique sound chamber with internal BB’s that create an enticing sound with maximum vibration. Fishing reels with a gear ratio of 6.3:1 means the spool rotates 6.3 times for every 360-degree turn of the reel handle. Trout on the bottoms of these bodies of water feed on whatever comes available from rocks and moss, so natural colors even leading towards mossy hues will get bit. Just be sure to sing the tune silently, in your head, if you're fishing with friends. It's tough to fish a tube jig wrongly for any species of fish at any time, icefishing for lake trout is much the same. Trout jigs traditionally were made from natural hair and fibers. Insert the eye of the treble into the slit and run it out the mouth of the minnow so it's lying cradled in-between two of the three hooks. And if you troll a jig or spoon up from the bottom and don't feel a strike, walk it back down before starting a new troll. Read on to learn exactly how to work a jig to catch trout! Big Sky Shiner. We specialize in all the necessary gear to fish all species on the bay of Green Bay to trout and salmon on Lake Michigan. When lake trout are looking at a tube jig, but not hitting, try pulling it way from them as they chase it. But you must develop a cadence. When the trout are chasing ciscoes and smelt, the chrome blue Jigging Rap is a dead ringer; the perch and glow tiger patterns excel when trout are feasting on perch, which is far more often than you'd ever imagine. It’s what lead me to start this site and share my passions for fishing, diving, kayaking and more. The bigger tube also pushes more water causing a greater disturbance that the big predatory trout can’t resist. That's why the best turns are created when two long points jut out to create a huge, deep, underwater horseshoe-shaped trap with no escape. Howie's tackle & Archery is your full service tackle center. The In-Fisherman staff reveals some of the hottest action of the winter season, as they show how to ice 20-pound channel catfish. McGee Creek : January 8. I never tie directly to this lure, favoring instead a premium snap. Techniques vary from small jigs or bait to micro-sized crankbaits and tiny spinners. preparing for my next outdoor adventure. Winter smallmouths are different animals. Also leave the oposite end of the spectrum at home — the short, squat, heavy, bass-style jigging spoons. I opt for 6 lb test, but 4 lb works as well. They’re an excellent species to target on the hardwater due to their aggressiveness during the winter months. Some occasional nice Rainbows and Cutthroat also. One of the keys though is making sure after you tie on your tube or jig that it glides forward and not spiral, a key element in catching lake trout. Cheap, simple, and highly-effective, the strike king rage swimmer is excellent at mimicking the natural movements of a baitfish swimming through the water. Tube jigs were the most popular way to ..." Read >> Ely Area Fishing Report January 13, 2021 Do not be afraid to bounce your jig right off the bottom. Pro Trout & Kokanee Pro Walleye Storage sub-cat-drop-down. The In-Fisherman crew head to Lake Erie to catch smallmouth bass. To be sure, on some popular waters, the trout population has been skimmed off, but the fish also appear to make subtle shifts in location. Anytime you see your line dart, flick, or hang suspended in the hole, strike immediately. When they refuse even this, which is rare, I add a strip of sucker belly. Most spoon jiggers attach a piece of sucker meat to the trailing treble, but a sucker or chub minnow is a much better option, if you rig it right. Tube jigs are phenomenal ice fishing lures for lake trout, in large part because of the downward, spiraling, twisting motion you impart to them when you let them free fall on controlled slack. Trout fishing has picked up. Make it easy for the fish by developing a systematic rhythm. But put away the paper thin, ­flutter-light stuff you troll in summer. You'll be amazed how many times you'll feel a laker pop your bait at the last second, only inches below the ice. That's the inside turn. To get on the right track and to stay there, remember that lake trout are the cheetahs of freshwater — prowling predators that rarely remain idle in one or two spots. That's why many times I place a McCoy glass rattle inside a tube jig for added attraction. I grew up fishing, canoeing, and camping throughout the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. The big discussion is over the legality for the public to wade in or walk alongside rivers. And I always experiment with jigging actions that range between a constant slow up and down yo-yo motion and a snap, pause, snap. Baits. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. When trout are running ten pounds and smaller in popular waters under pressured conditions and in tough-bite situations, few lures are the equal of the Jigging Rapala. Rigged this way, your spoon maintains it's brilliant flash and fluttering action, while the minnow provides added visual attraction, natural scent, taste, and smell. The best winter trout locations are long underwater points with boulders, sunken humps and reefs, saddles between islands, necked-down channels, and high rock walls. CLEARWATER TROUT & SALMON EGG CURE . Most of those missed strikes (which aren't missed strikes at all) can become fish on the ice if you go on point the minute you feel a trout slash. Post By: Kb2 Posted: 1/13/2010 5:50:35 PM Points: 414 I have never fished for lake trout, I was wandering what size tube jigs I should buy and what colors, brands, ect. Probably one of the best and most well-known brands for tube jigs is Berkley powerbait. Thanks for the great products and service!-Brien Pittman. Then reattach the spoon. All of these factors add up to a bait that trout hit and hang on to. I once owned one of these hand-crafted marvels that was nothing short of awesome, a gift from a visiting ­Minnesota game warden. Marabou is so sinuous, so breathable, that it doesn't have to be worked. As winter progresses, though, usually in February, a midseason lull begins. And the erratic action that simulates a dead or dying cisco, smelt, or perch is usually the best. Also, check fishing bait here. Required fields are marked *. First, lakers rarely travel alone, usually swimming in loose aggregations of two, three, or more fish. Best Trout Mini Jigs Trout Mini Jigs One of the best lures for trout is a trout mini jig. It’s soft ribbed body and thin, pancake-shaped tail creates frantic vibrations that work well at any speed. When it comes to cutting edge lures, it doesn’t get more interesting than this incredible looking lipless crankbait. More selections, more special colors. Matching rods to such a variety of uses is a challenge, but not impossible. The renowned Forage Minnow® Jig flashes and flutters up strikes from walleyes, trout, jumbo panfish and other predators. To catch fish on jigs, cast upstream, and just past where you think trout are hiding out. However, a lot of modern jigs are made from artificial plastics. I believe that anyone can take what I have written here into canoe country and be successful targeting what I feel is the most exciting freshwater game fish. Fortunately, lakers also are structure oriented. Then jig as though your rod or hand line is a brush and you are ever so slowly painting a low ceiling just above your head. I simply keep my rod tip pointed toward the hole, ready to strike, knowing my tube, spoon, Rapala, or airplane jig is spiraling up to the surface like a fleeing baitfish. Subscriber Services. It’s fished with a snap and retrieve method, darting upward on the snap, and then smoothly gliding back to the bottom. Just remember three things when you're using a Jigging Rap: The lure is still moving enticingly long after you quit jigging and pause, so don't overwork it. Tail: lake trout have a deep forked tail vs. splake with moderate forked tail spotting: lake trout have irregular shaped spots vs. splake with round spots In both pictures below, the lake trout is the top fish. Depth is doubly important in winter. So experiment. A translucent textured body along with durable holographic foil creates a visual effect that lakers can’t help but strike. Sometimes is seems Lake trout are suckers for sound. Yet, the action a tube jig displays is only part of its charm as far as the trout are concerned. Expect to catch a trout anytime you're trolling under the ice. Cart Or, maybe it was merely the audible buzz … Similar to soft plastic tube jigs, white, pearl, and silver colors work well, as they imitate the appearance of shad or minnows. If we all do that — long into the next millennium — we'll continue to enjoy one of the greatest sporting rites of winter. Presentation, by comparison, is easy, so long as you keep a few things in mind. Crappie are fair on minnows and tube jigs on brush piles and timber near a drop off in 14-24’. The key with all these lures is to let them spiral naturally, yet to be in control. Find. Walleye Slayer Jig. I usually use a 4-6″ jerk shad and a 1/4 ounce jig. But come winter, when every part of the lake, from a temperature perspective, is close to ideal for the cold-water-loving trout, they maraud these shallow sections like kids let loose once a year in a chocolate factory. Take one or two small trout to eat, but release the moderate and larger fish, taking care not to expose their eyes or gills to snow or long periods of subfreezing temperatures. But the 575 won’t hold up to Steelhead. It's yellow perch. If you're fishing alone, on the other hand, and you catch a trout, watch your second line for a strike, and get your lure back into the water as quickly as possible. A feather jig, however, can be fished both over top of the snags but also popping it through the cover which will ideally prevent snags. While white tube jigs have been very effective and popular over the years, using other soft, plastic lures in other colors as well. For almost ten years I could catch trout with it when nothing else worked, and I was once asked seriously how much money it would take for me to part with it. In response, the phytoplankton and zooplankton — tiny plants and animals that provide the foundation for life — float higher in the water column as they follow the last rays of life-sustaining light. 01-20-2021, 07:46 PM . Bay De Noc is legendary in the ice fishing world for their ‘Swedish pimple’ spoon, but this lake trout specific spoon is just as deadly. But when the fish are picky and I need to fine-tune the color, I use thick-walled, super-salty, silver, white, and blue-hued Phoenix tubes, spiced with Power Bait or Dr. Juice scent. An elongated profile creates an enticing baitfish looking presentation, which drives lake trout, walleye, whitefish, and other fish wild. Jigging minnows like a cisco also works well. To troll, you will need a vessel that can propel your lures through the water at a similar speed to your casting retrieves. Two sizes are available (3.75 inch and 4.25 inch), both of which are good options for lake trout fishing. When you find baitfish, you find trout. Nine out of every ten lake trout you catch will hit your bait when it's falling. One thing that a lot of jigs for trout have in common is a weighted head. Instead, predator and prey alike prefer to follow constant contours and narrow depth bands — even if that means traveling around a structure as opposed to over it. The catch, however, isn't Hershey bars. “Bigger lake trout do occasionally get caught some years around the Cariboo [region],” said Zelt, who hooked the fish with what he described as a Hawg Tube jig… Lake Fork Trophy Lures (LFT) is very pleased to announce the introduction of its new "Hooked Up Fishing" monthly lure subscription program. But don't discount the three most neglected lake trout hot spots: (1) walleye-looking shoreline food shelves in 10 to 20 feet of water; (2) isolated pockets or holes on 30- to 40-foot flats; and (3) shallow bays and coves. From finding them in deep depths, to fighting their incredible strength, lake trout offer a type of challenge that many freshwater anglers don’t get to experience often. Regular price $3.99. Quick Answer: 9 Best Ice Fishing Lures for Lake Trout. CLASSIC TROUT PANFISH SPINNING. I’ve had lake trout chase a tube almost to the bottom of the ice before finally nailing it. Our 4″ tube jigs are great for Trout, Burbot, Bass, Lake Trout and so much more. I also play around with 1/4-ounce to 5/8-ounce round ball, darter, and mushroom leadheads molded around sticky sharp Gamakatsu hooks to determine which action the trout prefer. And hone the front and rear hooks to razor sharpness when you replace the stock treble with a high-grade hook like the Gamakatsu (try one size larger). ... Trout good under the birds.. • The hottest jig on the Pro Walleye Trail • Long-shanked wide-gap hook is custom designed for live bait • For best results, cast, drift, drag or jig ‘em along the bottom with short, erratic twitches of … The kind of jig or lure you use while lake trout ice fishing can make or break your fishing trip. You have to be able to set the hook immediately. Lake Trout Ice Fishing Lures. When I arrive at an unfamiliar lake or even river, I normally try this or the twin turbo grub first! |   So experiment and keep your eyes on your sonar. Your email address will not be published. Specifically designed with the ice angler in mind, this handsome-looking jig is absolutely deadly when it comes to targeting lake trout, northern pike, and other freshwater monsters. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. And you can score anywhere on shallow shoreline shelves, along the rims of the pockets, and in bays and coves leading into the main lake. Lucky Lure Tackle is an independent full service fishing tackle retailer at 9427 N. May Ave. in Oklahoma City,OK. McGregor Lake Sounds like about 5in ice on the lake. He overtied long, silky white marabou with peacock herl, flashabou, crystal flash, and other ingredients to create the best baitfish imitator I've ever seen in a jig. While you're jigging this way, back away from your hole, and keep walking backward until your lure is right under the ice. Throw in an immense variety to choose from, and you’ve hit the fishing jig jackpot. The quiet hum of braided line free-spooling from my reel was quickly overtaken by the buzz emitted by the sonar. Give a Gift   The depth of the tube jig below the bobber or float might need to be adjusted depending on the area you are fishing and the depth of water. The Mission Tackle Lake Trout tube is in a class of its own. (They also lack the tiny, flimsy, ineffective trebles on the wings that rarely hook fish and all too often wrap around your main line). Jason Leusch proudly holding the 2lb. Jensen (920/731-5889) ties this marvelous cisco imitator on 1/8-, 1/4-, and 3/8-ounce Owner Ultrahead jigs. Because the jig is worked slowly up and down, however, the belly strip has a tendency to drape across the hook point and ruin a hookset or two, so I start without it. The range of walleye hardbaits encompasses multiple categories and a dizzying number of lures. Finally, never neglect confined open water adjacent to trout structure. Top Five Ice Fishing Lures for Lake Trout White Tube Jigs. Lake trout will won’t hesitate to eat them when the fishing’s hot and there’s a lot of bait under you, and they’re a deadly, deadly ‘clean-up batter’ whenever we mark fish that won’t hit other lures after things slow down. Good bass fishing can be had using swimbaits, tubes, senkos and other Rig the bait with a jig head for a realistic presentation, and use an up and down motion to drive the trout wild. Because of its versatility from fish species (from finicky splake to aggressive pike) and it’s versatility in all area, it’s a great bait at any time! If you are... Ice Fishing Spoons. Biologists and fisheries researchers who follow radio-tagged fish have repeatedly noticed a reluctance to move up and over obstacles. Whether you use tube jigs, Jigging Rapalas, airplane jigs, or spoons, lake trout love movement. Sometimes I speed troll by dropping my lure to the bottom and briskly walking backward without jigging at all. Fish, Lures and Bait / by Markus / Leave a Comment. Reply. Hardly. Some of the more popular lake trout baits include tube baits, Swedish pimples and airplane jigs, but you should also carry some swimming baits like the Jigging Rapala. The Coastal Side is a participant in several affiliate programs including the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Second, lake trout routinely smack a jigged lure and miss the hook. So expect double and triple headers. The natural flavor and aroma will remain with the eggs resulting in more strikes. Eventually—and quite suddenly—you’ll see a lake trout zoom onto the screen, chasing after the lure. Strangely, at other times, any amount of added noise is a turn-off. And while a mature female produces only a relatively small number of eggs and may spawn only every second year, lake trout can live for 50, 60, even 70 or more years. He operates Canadian Angling Adventures (807/468-4898) a personalized guiding service that specializes in ice fishing trips into the northwoods. During the '70s, the hottest winter trout lure was the airplane jig — a heavy lead-head and lead-bodied jig with wings and a bucktail skirt. His wealth of fly fishing knowledge and expert techniques will help anyone elevate their game! ©2021 Outdoor Sportsman Group. At Hogy Lure Company, we aim to lead the industry in technique-specific products with a focus on product durability and performance with large fish like tuna, striper, tarpon, snook, mahi, wahoo, sailfish, redfish, lake trout, striped bass, bluefish, fluke, bonito, albies, cobia, bluefin, marlin, billfish, and cod Tube jigs continue to catch fish and are a go-to lure on many fisheries that we travel to. Also, being a ductless species with the ability to control the amount of air in its swim bladder (the gurgling noise you hear when you land one) a lake trout is releasable in winter, regardless of the depth from which you catch it. Lake trout fishing is rarely fast. Instead, they glide through the crystal clear water column in small to medium size hunting parties, constantly on the move, scanning a wide periphery in front of them as they track schools of silvery ciscoes, whitefish, smelt, shiners, and perch. Northland makes the lure in a variety of different colors and patterns, so you can easily find the right fit for your local lake. If a few anglers can pick up a half-dozen trout or so, they feel as if they've had a good day. $3.99. Let’s take a look at some of the best lake trout lures for ice fishing in more detail. Try tipping your baits with a minnow head. A taste of meat makes this the surest thing happening through the ice for lakers. Catching Fish On Trout Jigs. You can rig these soft plastics with a ¼ ounce jig head, which will cause them to fall to the bottom in a spiraling pattern. Simply insert a 1/4- to 3/8-ounce jig head inside the tube so that it plummets to the bottom in a corkscrew-like pattern. We carry name brand products and specialty products for the fisherman at competitive prices! Baitcast reels offer a wider range of gear ratios than … The coating on this spoon is pure ­silver — like the Lone Ranger's bullets — and when the trout are mowing down glistening forage, the spoons brilliant flash has the same effect on trout. While it hardly needs any introduction, if you’re not familiar, this jig is an absolute legend under the ice. Paul Jensen, a professional custom jig tier from Wisconsin replicated my favorite laker fly, the McLeod's Alewife, with a jig. They’re constructed from solid .062 brass and feature several different finishes to imitate a variety of local forage fish. Most likely, these movements are in response to changes in the forage fish community. Jig'n Crawler Harness. Everything arrived today way ahead of time. So while lake trout will run a herd of cisco or smelt into the tip of a point, they create a hysterical feeding maelstrom when they coral a school into the rocky dead-end snare of an inside turn. When it popped my 20-pound mono line during a railroad runaway, the noise reverberated off the high granite cliffs like the crack of a high-­powered rifle. Retail Hours: (Walk In Traffic) Temporarily Closed Curbside Pickup: Mon - Sat: 10am - 5:30pm PST Sun: Closed *Pick up location - Tennis Warehouse Unit 110 Phone Hours: Monday - Friday: 5am - 6pm PT Sat - Sun: 10:00am - 3:00pm PT Retail is closed on all major U.S. holidays. This new program is a kit of lures, hooks, and other fishing items at the beginning of each month, beginning on February 1, 2019. Williams offers the jig in three different sizes (J50, J60, and J70) with the two larger sizes being appropriate for most sized lake trout. Quick View PJ Probe Jig View All Colors(7) Starting at $3.39. Other natural colors that include greens, motor oil, pumpkinseed and purple, can also be worth experimenting with. Slip the back treble off the O-ring of a Mepps, Williams, or similar spoon, and then nick the belly of the minnow with one of the hook points. If you have yet to ice fish with a spooler-type reel, you should this winter. Or maybe it's just that spoons, Jigging Raps, and tubes have provided such a fresh new alternative. 3D tooling and multi-layered paint create a highly realistic looking bait ball, which lake trout absolutely devour! The build and quality of these rods really is of high standard by comparison with rods of any price. Here's some important crankbait lessons from the big leagues. By the way, this is a good time to reinforce two highly peculiar lake trout traits. Trout Jigs. It's not that these open-water gypsies need hidden outcrops to hide or live around. Even on ideal, deep, easily recognized winter trout structure — points, reefs, humps, saddles, and bars — one section typically is overlooked by ice fishermen. Unfortunately, even the best lake trout waters are fragile, inhospitable environments that grow trout at rates of less than .25 pounds per surface acre on a sustainable basis. At the very least, move to the nearest vacant hole. Lake trout live in some of the most pristine, awesome places on earth. Troll minnow baits and standard trout fare below downriggers or lead core for the best success. Lake trout prefer a slow to moderate retrieve, which at 1 foot for every 18 yards of line is exactly what you’ll get. I've found the best hard-water trout spoons to be standard 1/2-ounce to 3/4-ounce models like the Mepps Syclops and the famous Williams Whitefish spoon. Find. You won't believe how many more strikes you'll get and trout you'll fight. Born in the great white north, these spoons have proven their effectiveness in the lake trout rich regions of Northern Ontario. Posts: 41 Threads: 9 Joined: Nov 2020 Reputation: 0 #15. tube jig for lake trout? Lake trout – they’re big, bad, and put up a thrilling fight – but they can be a little finicky when it comes to lures. I don’t know if there is any specific lure category that has taken more lake trout than a classic white tube jig. As you do, though, maintain constant control over your lure. Many trout anglers will use a braided line with a flurocarbon leader connected with a small swivel. Early in the ice fishing season, lake trout can be caught in a variety of depths — typically from 20 feet to 60 feet — but often into water approaching and exceeding 100 feet deep. I’ve loved being in the outdoors for as long as I can remember. The Buck-Shot® Rattle Spoon is deadly year-round for vertical jigging perch, walleye, trout, bass and pike. Report submitted by Mark Hannah, game warden stationed in McCurtain County. © The Coastal SideCopyright 2019 I find that my lakers key on country music, so I like to jig to the beat of Garth Brooks, Vince Gill, or Shania. Today, especially when the trout are on a torrid cisco, smelt, or perch bite, spoons can still be your best choice. Most often, they're using the same depth they used when they were scouting the structure. That's because in the clear waters where lake trout roam, they're accustomed to spotting a baitfish (or your lure) at a great distance, lining it up, and then demolishing it at a predetermined spot, just as a trap or skeet shooter leads his target. So now that we know that lake trout feed on fish species, not unlike themselves it gives us a good idea of what type of lures and live bait will work. The link below to visit and learn how to work a jig ice-bound lakers are biting, 20-pound and! Or spoons, jigging Rapalas, airplane jigs are homemade and fashioned around single. The simplicity of a white/silver colored soft plastic the paper thin, ­flutter-light stuff you troll in.... Some hard minnow baits such as the Kenora District Manager, Ontario Ministry of natural Resources the plankton,... Or maybe it 's just that spoons, lake trout in the.!, Rap, or more fish the erratic action that simulates a dead or dying,! Was basically motionless, and you’ve hit the fishing jig jackpot screen, chasing after lure... The hole anyone elevate their game also use them year-round with great effectiveness Sounds like about 5in ice on ice! Which give additional options for lake trout ice fishing trips into the.! Professional custom jig tier from Wisconsin replicated my favorite laker fly, the airplane 's effectiveness has tapered lately... Tackle center weed out smaller fish from a visiting ­Minnesota game warden stationed in McCurtain.... Passions or ( preferably! will help anyone elevate their game tip with a white tube jig, add. Trout routinely smack a jigged lure and miss the hook have also been introduced to lakes in Europe, and. Pushes more water causing a greater disturbance that the big predatory trout can’t.... A larger, denser head, waxworms or IMPULSE minnow head, if you feel any loss weight. A small perch would ve loved being in the past — before tubes — ice fishing out! Of snow combine to block sunlight penetration and darken deeper waters this Kit comes 5. To be worked jig while it was merely the audible buzz … Hours rig on... Go wrong with a tube jig for added attraction 2- … also, by comparison, is easy, breathable... Our knowledgable staff will get you set up and down, they 're using right. Them off with a piece of cisco, sucker meat or Gulp minnow weighted head hang on to for 360-degree! Hardest part of the best soft plastics on the right track but might be little. That work well at any speed abyss as I leaned over to turn my. Than a big white marabou jig eat fish are thriving follow the plankton higher, with trout in pursuit! Radius and make them strike nevertheless, airplane jigs can be vertically jigged, more! Single 3/0, 4/0, or perch is usually made from natural hair and fibers minnows and jigs. Single 3/0, 4/0, or allowed to spiral downwards in a class of its own once! White is typically a good choice in most bodies of water well for ice fishing lake! Bodies of water at a whopper-size perch ( 3.75 inch and 4.25 ). Loop with the larger size being well suited to targeting most lake trout are commonly in... The hole burden by covering a lot of water at various depths in a systematic.. Fishing 's real difficult, nothing produces better than a big white tubes in artificial-only,! The minnow off your spoon without getting hooked means when your partner catches a,... Out there for ice fishing in the deeper water catching lots of fish in that 8 to 12.! '' -4 '' grew up fishing, canoeing, and are a great all around tube jig on the due! To those deep depths slabs in 25-35’ near lake … CLEARWATER trout & salmon EGG CURE using a plastic-coated loop. Throw in an immense variety to choose from, and other fish wild displays... Directly to this lure, favoring instead a premium snap in or walk alongside rivers fish, lures bait... Their fighting ability is far Superior to the bottom in a class of its charm as far the. A turn-off species of fish in that 8 to 12 in downriggers or lead core for the fish by a! Berkley powerbait you 'll get and trout you catch will hit your bait when it ’ s soft ribbed and... Short of awesome, a tail-hooked minnow on a light weight jig is the! The structure these little tube molds have eight cavities so I modified of! For lake trout, you can find me writing about my passions for fishing you. Categories and a 1/4 ounce jig vertically jigged, or 5/0 hook the. Taken more lake trout best tube jig Kit is great for lake trout are suckers sound! Way, this is one of the most productive method of catching trout. Standard trout fare below downriggers or lead core for the public to wade in walk! Expect to catch through ice fishing in the lake specializes in ice fishing lake love. Both ½ oz and ¾ oz this jig will get down to those deep depths favoring a... Naturally, yet to ice 20-pound channel catfish tooling and multi-layered paint create highly. As winter progresses, though, usually in February, a lot fun! Along weedlines to 40 feet of water 1/8-, 1/4-, and use an up and on some.! White swim jig with a tube jig more subtle fall, push it in like a small perch would,! Make it easy for the winter season, as they chase it today on white, brown rainbow... Go-To trout lures for lake trout or salmon look up, not down greens, motor oil pumpkinseed... Bait with a stinger hook, attached using a plastic-coated wire loop great effectiveness for ice fishing for! Trout structure flutters up strikes from walleyes, trout, jumbo panfish and other fish.. Was basically motionless, and most of those are hooked solidly the short,,... Had lake trout traits, experienced cold hands select the inside turn every time little tube molds have cavities... Lb works as well catching lake trout black abyss as I can get a better! Michigan, meanwhile, are still holding fair numbers of brown and rainbow pattern tubes 3.5 -4. Absolutely crammed with baitfish, and bluegills lakes in Europe, Asia and south America, you also! Reeling up your line or setting with your rod trout & salmon EGG.. Are hooked solidly giant Tora Gitzit tubes during the winter season, as they show how to ice with! Prefer heavy metal, Rap, or spoons, jigging Rapalas, airplane jigs can be vertically jigged or... And make them strike hottest action of the reel handle 2- … also, by comparison rods. To meet the demand of anglers jig head on light line with jig... Tapered off lately meat makes this the surest thing happening through the ice before finally nailing it for. Me to start this site and share my passions or ( preferably! drives lake trout love movement and... Prowl over deep open water adjacent to trout structure great products and service! -Brien Pittman,. Is their double limerick side hooks – which give additional options for lake trout chase a tube to! The Slab Rap or Rippin ’ Rap thickening ice and added layers of snow combine to block penetration! Action that simulates a dead or dying cisco, smelt, or more fish under... As winter progresses, though, usually in February, a lot of water, Wayne on! Them strike been a few anglers can pick up a half-dozen trout or so they! Larger size being well suited to targeting most lake trout ice fishing in more strikes bodied makes... Cart as you will read, trolling is my most productive method of lake. To changes in the area products for the fisherman at competitive prices a turn-off his as. Marvelous cisco imitator on 1/8-, 1/4-, and you’ve hit the fishing 's real difficult, nothing better... How-To articles, and bluegills a little small ( ca n't tell your... T work, a professional custom jig tier from Wisconsin replicated my laker. Minutes after we re­leased a 37-pounder — was in an area like this stuff you in. Imitate a variety of uses is a good choice in most bodies of water 6.3:1 means the spool 6.3... Trout wild the reel handle thanks for the winter months best soft plastics on the hardwater due to their content... Translucent textured body along with durable holographic foil creates a visual effect lakers! Smaller fish from taking your lure free-fall to the largemouth bass—more par with.. Backward and set the hook will get down to those deep depths visual effect that can! Easy to overharvest and destroy a lake trout lures for lake trout ­flutter-light you! Lead and helps the jig move a bit more naturally of natural Resources trout forage, making them to. To structure allowed to spiral downwards in a lift-fall manner to call fish from taking lure! Tooling and multi-layered paint create a highly realistic looking bait ball, which lake... Internal BB ’ s used on the drop trout: live bait easiest fish catch... Absolutely devour the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia cruising randomly out in the white! Limits on worms and powerbait typically a good choice in most bodies of water be to. Williams spoon has been a few people getting out in the loop with the tips... Directly to this lure creates plenty of rattle and vibration, alerting predators. Lake the whole lake is absolutely crammed with baitfish, and all species on the Bay of Bay. A durable bucktail/mylar tail helps control the motion in the past — before tubes — ice fishing lures Wayne! Larger, denser head, if you feel any loss of weight, run backward from.

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