FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Beginner's Guide; Play Guide. Each step overwrites all other durability-restoring actions. Jump to: navigation, search See also: Tradecraft Leves and Goldsmith * This code cannot be used when posting comments on the Eorzea Database. The first purchase being the game itself, while the second type is a monthly subscription lasting 30 days. All Rights Reserved. A Goldsmith leves guide with an emphasis on leve efficiency. by Ashley Shankle. Botanist Quests. Effect active for three steps. The are the actual rank. Goldsmith is a Disciple of the Hand class. Goldsmiths work precious metals and stones into a multitude of accessories that appeal to the Eorzean aesthetic. Review: Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.4 Futures Rewritten. Where is the Goldsmithing Guild? Now I believe this will be accurate 100%; however GC Manuals and pre-existing XP will also modify the items required. Since I couldn't find a HQ Leve Guide for GSM, only Leve lists, I took the liberty of making one as I made a 15-50 set for a client. FFXIV: Beginner 90-100% HQ Crafting Guide - Crafting Quest Turn-ins (Final Fantasy XIV | 1080p | PC) - Duration: 19:22. 1 Preface 1.1 Pure Loss vs. Quest Level NPC Zone Coordinates Items Needed EXP Gil Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Any player with at least one level 10 Disciple of War or Magic is eligible to become a Goldsmith. Materia Slots in FFXIV: ARR In FFXIV: ARR, materia can only be used on gear that contains materia slots, each of which can be affixed with materia without failure. The above tooltip code can be used to embed entries from the Eorzea Database in your blog or website. This guide is outdated as of the 2.1 patch! 153 votes, 118 comments. (Sorry for the delay! There are three particular things to note here: Requires: 1 Copper IngotCopper Ingot components: 1 Wind Shard, 3 Copper OreReward: 150 Wind Shard, 30 Copper Ore, Hempen Kurta, Requires: 3 Copper GorgetCopper Gorget components: 1 Fire Shard, 1 Wind Shard, 2 Copper Ingot, 1 LeatherReward: 200 Wind Shard, 150 Fire Shard, Amateur's Grinding WheelOptional reward: Hempen Bandana, Hempen Chausses, Maple Pattens, Requires: 12 Copper RingsCopper Rings components: 1 Wind Shard, 1 Copper IngotReward: 250 Wind Shard, 200 Fire Shard, Bronze Chaser HammerOptional reward: Amateur's Headgear, Amateur's Kurta, Amateur's Smithing Gloves, Requires: 1 Fang Earrings, 1 Brass GorgetFang Earrings components: 1 Fire Shard, 1 Wind Shard, 1 Brass Ingot, 1 Hard Leather, 1 Bat FangBrass Gorget components: 1 Fire Shard, 1 Wind Shard, 2 Brass Ingot, 1 Hard LeatherReward: Recruit's Grinding WheelOptional reward: Hempen Doublet Vest of Crafting, Hard Leather Merchant's Pouch, Ash Pattens, Requires: 1 Staghorn Staff (melded with 1 materia)Staghorn Staff components: 1 Fire Shard, 1 Wind Shard, 1 Marbled Eye, 2 Antelope HornReward: Iron Chaser HammerOptional reward: Initiate's Headgear, Initiate's Gloves, Cotton Breeches of Crafting, Requires: 1 Silver Ingot (HQ)Silver Ingot components: 2 Wind Shard, 3 Silver OreReward: Initiate's Grinding WheelOptional reward: Silver Magnifiers, Initiate's Gown, Velveteen Halfgloves, Requires: 1 Malachite Earrings (HQ)Malachite Earrings components: 3 Fire Shard, 3 Wind Shard, 1 Silver Ingot, 2 MalachiteReward: Steel Chaser HammerOptional reward: Velveteen Beret, Velveteen Gown, Velveteen Shortgloves, Requires: 1 Fire Brand (HQ)Fire Brand components: 3 Fire Shard, 4 Wind Shard, 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Eye of Fire, 1 Aldgoat HornReward: Steel Ornamental HammerOptional reward: Mythril Magnifiers, Apprentice's Smock, Linen Halfgloves, Requires: 1 Horn Staff (HQ)Horn Staff components: 4 Fire Shard, 5 Wind Shard, 1 Eye of Fire, 1 Aldgoat Horn, 2 Wolf FangReward: Apprentice's Grinding WheelOptional reward: Linen Deerstalker, Linen Smock, Boarskin Smithy's Gloves, Requires: 1 Electrum Circlet (Amber) (HQ), 1 Electrum Circlet (Spinel)(HQ), 1 Electrum Circlet (Zircon) (HQ)Electrum Circlet (Amber) components: 5 Fire Shard, 6 Wind Shard, 3 Electrum Ingot, 1 AmberElectrum Circlet (Spinel) components: 5 Fire Shard, 6 Wind Shard, 3 Electrum Ingot, 1 SpinelElectrum Circlet (Zircon) components: 5 Fire Shard, 6 Wind Shard, 3 Electrum Ingot, 1 ZirconReward: Mythril Lapidary HammerOptional reward: Woolen Deerstalker, Woolen Smock, Raptorskin Smithy's Gloves, Requires: 1 Black Pearl Ring (HQ, melded with Piety III materia)Black Pearl Ring components: 6 Fire Shard, 6 Wind Shard, 1 Electrum Ingot, 1 Black PearlReward: UrcaguaryOptional reward: Goldsmith's Turban, Goldsmith's Gloves, Goldsmith's Boots, (Check out all of FFXIV guides in Ashley's Guide List for more guide things that may or may not be great!).

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